Prenatal breastfeeding class



The post natal consultation usually includes:

Health assessment

History of pregnancy and birth Weight pre and post feeding using a professional electronic scale

Latch/transfer assessment and corrections as needed

Baby’s weight linear growth assessment

Asses challenges, including additional responsibilities for mom, family needs and plans to return to work

Pediatric nutrition education

Review proper pump usage, cleaning and milk storage options

Learn to nurse in different positions

Provide nutrition education for breastfeeding mom

Positioning and latch correction / Engorgement  /  Plugged ducts  /  Oversupply  /  Pumping routines  /  Increasing milk supply  /  Infant weight loss  /  Sore nipples  /  Mastitis  /  Thrush / Going back to work  /  Introducing a bottle or trying to wean from bottle  /  Infant nutrition /  Solid food introduction.


Plan a Visit

I encourage moms to schedule the initial visit within the first week. I can help ease the worries about breastfeeding and help you enjoy this precious time with your baby. Breastfeeding can be challenging at times specially at the start but you don’t have to work through it alone.

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